Feeding kids can be so fun...and it can also pose plenty of challenges! Overcoming a rut or bump in the road is a huge deal and should be celebrated!

My goal as The Parenting Dietitian is that you learn tactics to let mealtimes be fun and an enjoyable part of the day, rather than a dreaded experience for parents and kids.

Even as things are going well, there is more to learn to ensure that kids are getting the best nutrition and parents feel empowered to grow a healthy family.

Rather than asking Google or friends and family, The Parenting Dietitian is your one-stop-shop for feeding and nutrition advice that your family can trust. 

Stop the information overload and enjoy action-oriented information you can start using today. 

Family Nutrition Program

Are you ready for personalized coaching to empower you and your family to finally eat as you’ve always wanted them to?

This signature program consists of virtual sessions over the course of 3 months. Through education, practice, motivation and inspiration, you will gain the knowledge and confidence to help your family flourish.

I offer 1:1 coaching with flexible scheduling. This way, you’re able to pick an appointment time when you know you’ll be able to focus on our work together and not be distracted by the rest of your exuberant family. I get it: I’m a mom, too!

During our coaching calls together, you’ll have time to walk me through what your life is like and how mealtimes have been going. We’ll talk about your goals and how you’d like meals and snacks to go. And then together, we’ll make specific plans to get there, step by step!

Family Focus

A focused session can be a good introduction to my program. This option can allow you to ease into nutrition coaching regarding a certain feeding concern.

During this focused session, you and I will dig deep regarding your particular concern. We will establish goals and create a plan of action that you can implement right away.

I offer virtual 1:1 coaching with flexible scheduling so that you can find time to focus on our work together. I’m a busy mom too!