Salad for kids

How to Make a Salad for Kids They’ll Love

What is the best salad for kids? Parents often ask this question, and there is no right answer. Each child has their own preference when it comes to vegetables. I do have a lot of ideas for you, and I’ll share my favorite tips for how to make a salad for kids they’ll love! Spring

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Snacks for after school

My 12 Favorite Snacks for After School

Just as our little toddlers need to eat snacks between meals, our school age children need to have snacks for after school to fill the gap between lunch and when dinner is ready. When kids get home from school, they are often hungry since it’s been a while since they ate lunch. This is the

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meal planning for families

Top 7 Tips for Meal Planning for Families

If you dread hearing the question, “what’s for dinner?” this article on meal planning for families is for you! If you’re a busy parent, the last thing you want is another item added to your to-do list. However, what if I told you that adding meal planning into your routine is one thing that can

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Immune Boosting Foods for Kids

The Best Immune Boosting Foods for Kids

What are the best immune boosting foods for kids? In the thick of cold and flu season, and during the surge of omicron, it can be hard to decipher symptoms of the common cold versus this crazy virus wreaking havoc on our world. The good news is that our immune systems are built to work,

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Holiday Sweets & Treats: Stressed About Sugar?

‘Tis the season where all the sweets and treats packed with sugar are everywhere.  There are treats at school for special holiday occasions, batches of cookies made at home, holiday events with family and friends, gift baskets, and cookie platters. All the treats seem to add up. How do you teach your child balance and

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